• The VV-Good Index is impact focused. It calculates an ‘Overall Impact Score’ for each company based on its performance on an indicator against the other companies in the index.
  • The VV-Good Index is publicly available for interested parties to view. It is targeted towards the companies featured, regulators and wider society to provide key performance analysis of an organisation.
  • The results can be used to aid views on the risks and opportunities for a company, as well as decisions on where to buy, where to work and even where to invest.
  • The VV-Good Index includes social, financial and environmental performance in it’s analysis.
  • The methodology was aimed to be straight forward and robust; therefore it can be easily repeated and understood by a variety of audiences.
  • Published annual and CSR/Sustainability/GRI Reports have been used as the key data sources only.

Please download the full methodology here: VV-Good Methodology