How does social and environmental impact performance data influence investors’ decision-making process in the pharmaceutical industry?

In order to meet our research scope, we collected secondary data which formed the basis for four research questions. This fragmented approach aimed to incorporate all the important aspects related to our objective.

Primary data collection efforts were directed in line with the research questions. We followed a strategy of triangulation as we combined the use of qualitative and quantitative methods. Results were captured through interview coding and statistical analysis of a survey.

We found that the interdependency of findings from our four research questions increased the complexity of answering our research objective. In order to overcome this, we created a growth model for socially responsible investment.

We predict that investors’ interest in responsible practices and sustainable companies will continue to grow, depending on key actors. These include improvements of corporate reporting standards and adoption of non-financial information into mainstream investing, thus making successful integration an industry-wide benchmark.

Download Report Summary here: University of Bath- Vertigo Ventures Report Summary

Download the Final Report here: Final Report