Decisions taken at a strategic level have an effect on every aspect of the business, from procurement to customer relations. To make the right choices, decision makers need to be fully informed about business performance. The social impact of the business forms a vital part to complete this picture. Social impact needs to be reported in a measurable, rigorous way to better inform decisions, continue to grow the business sustainably and improve relations with customers, staff and investors.

Our flagship methodology, the VV-Good Index, is designed to measure and rank the performance of global companies in their social, financial and environmental impact reporting.
If you want to know who really ‘walks the talk’ in a particular sector when it comes to behaving sustainably, this is where to look. A single, easy-to-read, league table provides subscribers with empirical scores for those companies that are doing the most (and least) to report, understand and act on their social, environmental and financial impact.

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The first ever VV-Good Index compares the performance of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. As featured in The Guardian:

Vertigo Ventures supports organisations with definitive reporting to better understand the social value they deliver. We can inform the measurement methodology, data gathering as well as the transparency of the reporting process.

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